“Our aim is to help you find the most direct and effective way to start your business in Slovakia, through careful selection of the right partners and strategies.”








Hoevenaars & Partners offers a full range of services for ‘newcomers’
to the Slovak Market.
We offer to:

Provide you with basic facts and figures and, if required, execute tailor
    made market research studies,

Identify and screen potential business partners for import & distribution,
   production & supply, mergers & acquisitions, etc.,

Assist you with all negotiations and contractual issues, commercial as well as legal,

Support you with the establishment of your company representation including such issues as the    selection of real estate, recruitment of personnel etc.,

Help you with the development and implementation of your launch plan

Work with you on whatever else needs to be done to achieve your goals.

In specialised areas we work with well known and reputed partner
firms (lawyers, real estate agents, etc.)

See also Interim Management if you are looking for a permanent
representation of your business interests in Slovakia.


  We speak fluent Slovak, English, Dutch, German, Czech and Russian