“Marketing is the complex of management processes required to continuously understand and meet your customer’s needs and enable you to achieve your
budget targets.”







Develop new growth perspectives! Let us challenge you and work with
you to improve your:

Marketing planning & strategy.
The main point of marketing planning is to systematically go through
a cycle of activities to make sure that you continue to understand your
market environment (includes customers and competitors!), develop
and design the right products or services and set the right strategic
objectives for your future. We work with our clients to develop tailor made
marketing planning systems and sound marketing plans to improve business performance.

Organisational aspects of marketing management.
The success of your marketing strategy depends on how the role of marketing is defined within your organisation. Is the role properly represented within your organisation? Is the cooperation with other functional areas such as sales and product development adequate? We recommend organisational improvements based upon a thorough review of your current organisation, including in-depth interviews with key managers.

Brand Management & marketing investments.
Proper brand building requires an efficient and effective allocation of your marketing resources. We assist you with brand positioning, brand personality development, optimization of your communication mix, pricing & distribution strategies, etc.

Hoevenaars and Partners can also provide you with a marketing interim manager.

  We speak fluent Slovak, English, Dutch, German, Czech and Russian